Our exceptional vineyard is a small oasis located in a unique geographical area, which invites you to get lost in its natural beauty: delicate vines rare in Buenos Aires, broken fields, poplars, and a lake.

Its location is unique, only 65 km away from Capital Federal, and it is very easy to access, which makes it the most special terrain in the area.

What do we offer to those who visit us? A complete experience from the oenological to the sensory, where there is only room to enjoy, to have more than a good time and to create the best memories in a fantastic environment.

Our visitors will be able to discover the wines of this atypical Campana land, as well as the exquisite limited editions coming from the most special corners of Argentina, with respected winemakers Karim Mussi and Santiago Achával being the consultants who put their seal of undisputed quality on these labels.

Viñedo Bodega Gamboa
Barricas Bodega Gamboa

11:00 a.m. RECEPTION

We welcome you with a glass of Gamboa sparkling wine.
We invite you for a guided tour of the estate:
A tour of the vineyard where we tell you about the characteristics of the estate and our history. We also visit the "Galpón de elaboración de vinos", where you will find barrels with ageing wines. Here you will have the opportunity to taste one of them.

Degustación de vinos Bodega Gamboa

12:00 p.m. TASTING

In the gazebo, located in the heart of the vineyard or in the cellar, depending on the time of the year, we offer a tasting of our exclusive labels.

We taste two Gamboa Campana wines and one Gamboa Terruños Únicos.

The tasting is accompanied by a selection of cheeses.

Menú Casa Gamboa

13:00 hs CASA GAMBOA

For lunch, we are waiting for you at Casa Gamboa with an unbeatable view of the vineyard library. Depending on the time of the year, you can enjoy our gastronomic offering in the gallery or in the lounge.

There you can enjoy the Terruño Experience, our gastronomic offering is created with seasonal products, designed to end your visit to Gamboa in the most pleasurable way.

The Terruño Experience is a menu designed to share dishes in a natural environment, which invites conversation to flow as much as the wine.

Barricas Bodega Gamboa
Degustación de vinos Bodega Gamboa


  • Starter
  • Slow fermented focaccia
  • Black Pudding, pears, mascarpone, pistachio Beetroot, blue cheese, capers, basil
  • Roasted cauliflower, ricotta salata, sauteed peas
  • Sauteed green beans, sweet garlic and onion emulsion
  • Empanadas; Matambre or roast cabutia pumpkin with smoked cheese

  • Main
  • Charbroiled tenderloin and smoked skirt steak
  • Vegetarian mushroom and roasted vegetable lasagna

  • Sides
  • Fennel and carrots, herb butter
  • Homemade pickle salad
  • Baby potatoes, gremolata

  • Dessert
  • Pear in sugar syrup, ricotta, peppermint
  • Goat cheese, pumpkin in sugar syrup
  • Mascarpone, white chocolate, raspberry
  • Citrus curd

  • Accompanied by two glasses of Gamboa wine,
  • Water and coffee service.